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Small production business ideas


Small production business ideas


1. You can become a Public Relations / PR Specialist

When you specialize in online marketing strategy and different online media platforms you can become a PR Specialist. You build relationships with companies / online media agencies that work with media platforms and determine a PR strategy to position your clients in their market. This can be done through Advertorials; Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing is something that allows you as a starting online entrepreneur to build a large reach and allows you to make a big impact on the lives of your target audience. Yet, many content creators make.

 and all kinds of other opportunities to score publicity….


You can also think of this as a media management agency. By helping others to be more visible through the right channels you can make money online.

This can be executed as a Side Hustle, and has the potential to grow into your own business!

2. You Can Become a Social Media Marketing Specialist…

In addition to Organic Growth and Organic Reach


Do you know what the advantage is of Doing Business Online via any form? The massive possible reach of various online media channels that allow organic and paid reach (traffic) towards your chosen…

 There are also possibilities to make your company visible DIRECTLY TODAY to a specific target group. You can achieve this by advertising on popular (social) media platforms and social media channels such as Twitter; Tiktok; Instagram; Facebook; Pinterest and Youtube.


So in addition to publishing free content (with which you can become big), there are many more opportunities here to promote products and services. Social Media Marketers and Agencies make grateful use of this to promote Sales.


When it comes to Sales we are talking about the ability of a company to sell someone something by closing a (in)visible deal. This can be millions of dollars, but also a simple amount of money.

 Funnels with products / services to build for themselves or for others.


For this you need to learn how to work with Keywords / Hashtags


A large portion of social media platforms have Hashtags in common. The proper use of positioning via Hashtags allows you to get your content to the right audience and keywords…

 and extensive market research. Based on that, you can write and execute a Content Plan across the channels of your choice….

3. You can become a Media Buyer / Media Connector…

You can connect people with Blogs / Articles or products to other media companies so that connections are made that are valuable for online networking and more sales. This can be done through advertorials or online ads!


You can be this for your own products as well as for clients….

4. You Can Become an Online Influencer…

You often see them passing by on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest…. The people who always seem to be on vacation….


For some people, this reality is reality; and for many, it’s just a “fake” world that they make more beautiful than it is. What it will be with you I don’t know, but it is very possible to get started with influencer marketing.


If you don’t want to build and grow yourself, you can also invest in Influencer Marketing or arrange it for other companies.

5. You can specialize yourself in graphic design for clients….

Online Marketing and Advertising is always growing, but also individuals always need help with skills that can’t be developed just 1,2,3. Think for example of employees who want to have their CV or Portfolio professionally designed; or entrepreneurs who want to have a special brochure/Christmas card developed for their clients.


A final example is to create Merchandise for artists and / or influencers. With tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Doodly you can create authentic designs for offline and online use.


You can find customers through your own network, but also through sales platforms like Fiverr or


If you want to make money online with a side hustle you will need to start orienting and developing yourself. Often it is impossible to make money right away!


6. You can become an online photographer…

You can become an online photographer and publish your work on Instagram…


Or independently sell your photos via an Online Photography Platform like Shutterstock; Istock; Stocksy or Depositphotos…


Here, it’s not going to be easy and/or work for you right away, but taking and uploading lots of photos increases your chances of being found and can provide a full passive income in exchange for a few dollars per sale.



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