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How to become a Sim race professional?

The red lights turn into green ones and your reaction time is the only thing that matters now. It all comes down to this specific moment. How well will you start your race? How fast will you reach top speed, and will you be able to conquer the race? It could be a pain in the ass if all your attempts seem trial-and-errors only and time after time after time you are not able to beat your competitors. Please read through beneath tips to become a better Sim race driver and make it easier to finish first in line! 


The setting of the game

The more realistic your games’ setting would be, the easier it would be to get your head in the game. Therefore, it is of great importance to find out which game fits you best and which game seem to have the best graphics and looks. It would be good to read through reviews of different games and to read some blogs about Simracing. Next to that, it wouldn’t be wrong to ask your fellow Simrace drivers which specific game they prefer. 


Invest in good equipment

Good equipment is key. Without a properly functioning steering wheel or without pedals that are not up to date, it would be very hard to beat the race. In the world of Simracing, it is the quality of the products that count. It is worth it to invest in good qualitative equipment. Next to that, within the world of the online races, less is definitely not more. No, the more the better it is! The more equipment you’ll have to finish first, the more convenient your race will be. In order to expand your equipment, you could choose to purchase a Sim Racing Cockpit (for example from Sim-Lab), or an extra monitor to experience the race even better.