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10 small business ideas


Small business ideas


1. You Can Edit Photos on Assignment or for Online Sales

You can learn to edit photos yourself through software like Canva


Hey, Kevin Louwers from here! Great that you ended up in my Canva Tutorial. Are you already working with the Canva content creator to develop your content strategy? Whenever you want to.

; Photoshop or Illustrator. You can publish these yourself via Instagram or Pinterest or sell them to major existing Instagram channels / media channels / Blogs….


In the long run you can also teach others how to edit and sell Photos. For example, you can start an online academy through the Huddle.


A nice extra source of income (can also be an extra side hustle) is developing and selling Presets for amateur photographers! These are like color packs / filters that automatically adjust the colors…

2. You Can Become a Blogger…

You can create your own WordPress website and launch your own blog. Think of creating a travel blog


What is a Travel Blog?  And is it still worth creating a travel blog in 2022? For starters, I’ll provide some concrete tips to get started right away! A Travel Blog is a website/blog on which…

 or a blog with technical highlights within your field! By positioning your articles based on pull marketing strategy and search engine marketing practices like search engine optimization you can grow sustainably.


For this you need to learn how to use tools like Ubersuggest.


In this Ubersuggest Review I will show you why, in my opinion, it is one of the best online marketing tools to improve your online marketing strategy based on relevant data analysis! I came across Ubersuggest via the.

; Semrush


What is Semrush?  And what can you as an online entrepreneur / entrepreneur do with this advanced Website Audit & SEO Tool? In this SEMRUSH review, I describe how I use Semrush to improve my search engine optimization…

; Answer the Public


Hey, Kevin Louwers from here! Great that you ended up in my article about Answer the Public.  I recently joined the Internet Marketing Union’s IMU Plus online marketing courses in.

 and Google Trends


As an online entrepreneur or content creator it is always important to spot new opportunities within your field and the projects you are working on. Spotting a new trend can do a lot for you and your business….


3. You can build and manage Websites for others

You can build websites for clients and manage them so they can always be found, while they don’t need the skills for it themselves. If you maintain a website for the long term, you can charge a subscription fee and also build a team around you if you take on multiple clients.

4. You can register and resell domain names 

Another way of a site independent Side Hustle is to register Domain Names and offer them for sale through a website like


Based on keyword research through tools such as Ubersuggest or Semrush you can find out which keywords have a lot of volume in the Netherlands and then you can use a Domain Name Check on Neostrada to sell your domain name.


You want to start as an online entrepreneur with your own website or webshop, but don’t know where and how to register a domain name and hosting. Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Then I have good news for you! I…

 see if it is still available. High search volume and little competition can mean that the premium domain name can be worth money. This is VERY much the case with new trends and emerging markets.




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