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The UFI format

UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier and is a 16-character alphanumeric code. This code is mandatory on the label of all mixtures classified for health or physical hazards and placed on the market in Europe. This code is always created by an algorithm based on a VAT number and a formulation number. The UFI format is therefore used to give meaning to the formulation of a hazardous mixture. A condition for granting a UFI is that all products that have a label and that are registered must have the same UFI code and formulation. Are you curious about the UFI format? Then read on.



The identification, which is unique, must be placed on the hazard label of hazardous products. But why is this actually so important? The UFI format is a badge of the product. By stating this code, the hazardous ingredients of the mixture can be instantly recognized by the poison centers. Each formulation therefore has its own unique code, so that action can be taken quickly in the event of an emergency. Think of an accident involving hazardous substances. The UFI format makes it possible to act quickly in case of accidents or other situations and is therefore very important.


How do you create the code?

You create the code in a few steps. In any case, you need your VAT number and the formulation-specific formulation number. It is important that you do not reuse the same formulation number in combination with the same VAT number, when mixtures have different formulations. Take the time to create the codes, because this is not always easy. If your product does not have a UFI format, you do not comply with the laws and regulations and this can cause problems. So pay close attention to this.