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3 solutions to storage shortage

A quick growth with your company is never a bad thing, but it can introduce you to problems you weren’t yet prepared for. One of those is storage shortage. A quick growth often comes with a growing product range that not every warehouse is able to manage. Because moving is a bit of a drastical measure, looking for other solutions is a good idea. In this blog, we’ll give you three!

1. Storage optimization

A big product range is nice, but it often comes with many unneeded products. Or, products that do sell, but not as much as your warehouse makes you believe. Optimizing your storage is a perfect solution for this: dive into your sales and see what products deserve a lot of space, and what products don’t. You’ll quickly find out that a lot of products are taking in a lot of space, while they could do with a lot less. By changing this, you get a lot of new, free space where you can place new products.

2. Mezzanine floors

If you have a big warehouse, it’s very likely that you have a lot of unused space. You’re just yet to see it! Mezzanine floors are floors that can be installed in between already existing floors, that are a perfect solution for storage shortage. They are strong, and can be used flexibly, as they’re delivered as a construction kit. You decide yourself when you need the extra space for storage, and when you need it for other reasons. Perfect for every warehouse! 

3. Rebuilding

If you’re looking for a solution for the long run, rebuilding your warehouse is a very good idea. This can be used for several reasons, storage as an example. When rebuilding, you don’t need to take any drastical measurements in your warehouse that moving would cause. When doing it properly, you don’t even need to pause your work in the warehouse, as this can both happen at the same time. You now have extra space, that you can use for years to come! 

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